2021 District Achievements & 2022 District Goals

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General Government

2021 Achievements:

  • Continued succession planning effort as the District workforce ages. Two long-term employees (39 and 25 years) retired in April and the Deputy General Manager retired in May after 33 years of service to the District. Hired two Maintenance Department positions and one engineering position to replace the Assistant Engineer that resigned and relocated to Colorado last year. Promoted from within the District new Finance Director and Administrative Coordinator positions.
  • Responded to COVID-19 issues including staff meetings, modified work schedules, provided testing at no cost to employees and personal protective equipment. Unfortunately, the District suffered a COVID outbreak in March just prior to vaccinations becoming available. Six District employees that tested positive all returned to work. All District employees are vaccinated.
  • Received Association of California Water Agencies / Joint Powers Insurance Authority (ACWA/JPIA) Presidents Special Recognition Award in all three insurance categories: liability, property and workers’ compensation.
  • Three Safety Committee meetings held.
  • Completed development of safety training program for new employees and held several in person and field training sessions.
  • Employed an intern during the summer that assisted Fire, Engineering Administration and Maintenance departments by completing field surveys, performing equipment inventory, data entry, reviewing plans and storing project files and mapping documents.
  • Negotiated with City of Pacific Grove and LAFCO to transfer fire and solid waste responsibilities for a property owned by Mission Linen within the District that the city would like to annex from Monterey County. The District would retain wastewater authority.
  • Renewed California Special Districts Association Transparency Certificate of Excellence for another two years.
  • Upgraded District telephone system.
  • Approved life insurance benefit to employees.
  • Ryan Casey and Nick Faro obtained Class B Commercial Driver’s License
  • Kregg Bush obtained CWEA Collection System Certification Grade I.
  • Jesse Huddleson obtained CWEA Collection System Certification Grade II.

2022 General Government Goals:

  • Complete hiring process for one new maintenance position. Continue to consider options for organization changes including employing additional personnel to address program responsibilities of the retiring employees.
  • Retain a college intern during the summer to support Engineering, Fire, Administration and Maintenance departments.
  • Retain safety consultant to assist with updating specific safety programs.
  • Retain human resources and administrative consultants to assist with updating both programs as required.
  • Continue enhancement of information systems to automate routine tasks, provide remote access and support decision making process.

Community Relations (view)

2021 Achievements:

  • Published two District newsletters and a budget summary mailed to all Del Monte Forest residents.
  • Assisted the Del Monte Forest Conservancy (DMFC) in vegetation management projects and provided support services including Indian Village management/security and administrative accounting support services.
  • Director Laska served as District representative on Board of Directors for Monterey Regional Waste Management District (MRWMD).
  • Director Froke served as District representative on Traffic and Roads Committee of Del Monte Forest Property Owners (DMFPO).
  • Directors Verbanec and Froke represented District at Special Districts Association of Monterey County meetings.
  • Directors Verbanec and McKee served on CAWD/PBCSD Wastewater Reclamation Project Management Committee.
  • Maintenance Technician Kelvin Ellison and Maintenance Worker II Jesse Huddleson served as a Directors of local Monterey Bay Chapter of the California Water Environment Association.
  • General Manager served as a Director of the local Monterey Bay Chapter of American Public Works Association, as a member of Monterey County Disaster Council and as chair of the MRWMD Technical Advisory Committee.
  • Provided District Boardroom as a polling location for the Monterey County elections.

Finance Systems (view)

2021 Achievements:

  • Received Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for Annual Comprehensive Financial Report for fiscal year ending 2020.
  • Received an unmodified (“clean”) opinion from outside independent auditors on the District annual financial statements with no management recommendations.
  • All vendors and contractors were paid in a timely manner per contract requirements, all revenues and reimbursements were collected according to Board policies and agreements, and all mandated Federal and State reports were completed and filed on a timely basis.
  • Served as lead agency in various cost-share agreements with neighboring jurisdictions including allocation of costs and collection of accounts receivable.
  • Provided ongoing oversight support to CAWD/PBCSD Wastewater Reclamation Project and DMFC by reviewing monthly accounting records.

2022 Goals:

  • Prepare Annual Comprehensive Financial Report to qualify for GFOA Certificate of Achievement for fiscal year ending June 2021.
  • Prepare Request for Proposals for engaging an Audit Firm for review of future annual financial statements.

Fire Department (view)

2021 Achievements:

  • Approved three-year agreement with CalFire to provide fire protection and emergency medical services through the end of fiscal year 2023-24.
  • Approved memorandum of understanding with several local jurisdictions to act as lead agency for Automatic Vehicle Locator program.
  • Update Fire Defense Plan including a summary of fuel reduction projects for 2021 and 2022.
  • Completed joint fuel reduction projects with DMFC and Pebble Beach Company with a focus on creating a shaded fuel break along evacuation routes within Del Monte Forest as well as Highway 68. Fieldwork performed by masticator and tree removal contractors, a herd of three hundred goats and inmate hand crews.
  • Coordinated with neighboring jurisdictions on joint projects to reduce fuel on the north side of Highway 68 below the Scenic Drive near Monterey, at the south side of Pescadero Canyon near Carmel-by-the-Sea and the Navajo Tract near Pacific Grove.
  • The annual Pebble Beach 2K/5K Zombie Run was held this year after a year off due to COVID.
  • The annual summer open house for Pebble Beach residents was cancelled for a second year due to COVID-19 restrictions. Numerous CPR, first aid, fire extinguisher and safe babysitter training classes normally provided to the community were cancelled as well.
  • Participated in Monterey County Emergency Medical Care Committee meetings to monitor ambulance contract and paramedic provider requirements.
  • Completed annual residential and vacant lot vegetation clearance inspections.
  • Maintained emergency preparedness list of residents in Pebble Beach that require assistance in an emergency.
  • Participated in California American Water Fire Hydrant Flow Task Force.
  • Provided fire protection inspection services and staffed paramedic golf carts in support of the 2021 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am Golf Tournament.
  • Completed construction of fire department kitchen remodel project.
  • Purchased new rollup doors for Fire and Maintenance equipment bays.
  • Completed fire flow testing on 40 hydrants within Pebble Beach.



2022 Goals:

  • Extend Paramedic Service Provider Agreement with Monterey County Emergency Medical Services Agency allowing the District to provide advance life support services beyond January 31, 2022.
  • Coordinate with Monterey County for transition to new CAD to CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system at Emergency Communications Centers to improve communication and reduce response times.
  • Continue Open House and Zombie Run events in 2022.
  • Coordinate planning for “Every 15 Minutes” program for four local high schools that serve district residents.
  • Support Sober Graduation programs at four local high schools serving Pebble Beach residents.
  • Coordinate with California American Water to field flow test fire hydrants.

Maintenance Department (view)

2021 Achievements:

  • Reviewed project televising clay sewer mains in the wastewater collection system and integrated data into District information system. This information will be critical in prioritizing future sewer improvement projects.
  • Developed new Geographic Information System (GIS) digital sewer atlas.
  • Launched new GIS sewer line cleaning and maintenance tracking map.
  • Replaced motor control, SCADA & instrumentation panels at P-8 (Spanish Bay) pump station.
  • Updated SCADA hardware system at P-6 (Pescadero Point) pump station.
  • Migrated wastewater pump stations P-8 and P-6 to new SCADA platform.
  • Worked on design and prepurchase of equipment for Pump Station P-1 (Cypress Point) and P-2 (Fanshell Beach) Improvement Project.
  • Purchased new combination jet/vacuum sewer line cleaning truck.
  • There were two minor sanitary sewer overflows that originated from the Pebble Beach wastewater collection system in 2021.
  • Participated in design review for capital improvement projects at CAWD.

2022 Maintenance Goals:

  • No Category I or II sanitary sewer overflows originate from the Pebble Beach wastewater collection system in 2022.
  • Design and upgrade instrumentation controls at six pump stations so that all maintenance facilities are controlled by the same SCADA system software and server.
  • Install and commission District weather station at Forest Lake Reservoir.

Reclamation Project (view)

2021 Achievements:

  • Coordinated meetings for Reclamation Management Committee (3), Technical Advisory Committee (3) and Oversight Committee (3).
  • Submitted Annual Monitoring Report to California Division of Safety of Dams (DSOD) for 2020.
  • Updated Forest Lake Reservoir Emergency Action Plan per new CalOES (California Office of Emergency Services) standards and included new DSOD Inundation Maps. .
  • Operated dry weather storm water diversion project on 4th fairway of Pebble Beach Golf Links and three wells near the 8th and 9th fairways of MPCC and near the intersection of Bird Rock and 17-Mile Drive. A total of 14.5 million gallons or 45 acre-feet gallons of water was diverted to the wastewater collection system.
  • Started design of cathodic protection project on Carmel section of recycled water distribution pipeline.
  • Completed Forest Lake Chorine Feed System project.

2022 Reclamation Project Goals:

  • Complete cathodic protection project on Carmel section of recycled water distribution pipeline.
  • Upgrade flow meters with remote monitoring capabilities.
  • Identify major capital items with expected useful life greater than the 15-year Long-term Capital Outlay Program and estimate cost to replace.
  • Support CAWD efforts to drill a well at the treatment plant as another water source to increase the quantity of recycled water.

Solid Waste (view)

2021 Achievements:

  • Amended Solid Waste Franchise Agreement and adopted new solid waste ordinance to comply with the requirement of SB1383 to divert organic materials from the landfill.
  • Held a successful Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event.
  • Participated in MRWMD Technical Advisory Committee meetings including regional coordination between agencies to address SB1383 requirements, review of solid waste collection services franchise hauler performance, status of MRWMD capital projects and regional plans.
  • Coordinated zero waste programs for Pebble Beach special events.

2022 Solid Waste Goals:

  • Continue participation in MRWMD Technical Advisory Committee including review of regional solid waste planning, legislative and regulatory requirements, capital improvements at MRWMD facilities and performance of solid waste haulers to achieve higher diversion rates cost-effectively.
  • Schedule another Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event in 2022.

Supplemental Law Enforcement (view)

2021 Achievements:

  • California Highway Patrol (CHP) contract renewed and program continues with community support. The enforcement schedule was increased to assist with law enforcement during the COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Prepared quarterly reports summarizing CHP citation data and information collected on vehicle speed measuring units which show speeds are consistent.
  • Participated in quarterly DMFPO Roads and Traffic Committee where traffic data and crime statistics are shared with DMFPO members.
  • Received quarterly reports from Monterey County Sheriff’s office and Pebble Beach Security summarizing Pebble Beach crime statistics.
  • Hosted Joint Operations Command Center for AT&T Golf Tournament security.
  • Hosted Office of Emergency Services (OES) command center for the Monterey Peninsula Car Week activities.

2022 Goals:

  • Continue program operation and propose modifications if conditions change.
  • Continue participation in DMFPO Roads and Traffic committee.

Undergrounding Overhead Utilities (view)

2021 Achievements:

  • Awarded construction contract and completed 70% of field work on the Phase III undergrounding overhead utilities project on Forest Lake Road, Drake Road, Ondulado Road, Alva Lane, Sombria Lane and Portola Road.

2022 Goals:

  • Complete construction of Phase III undergrounding overheard utilities project.
  • Begin design of Phase IV undergrounding project.