Wastewater Collection and Treatment

The District owns and maintains 75 miles of sewer collection and interceptor lines as well as eight lift stations. District employs six full-time personnel who maintain the sewer collection system as well as the recycled water distribution system.

PBCSD contracts with the Carmel Area Wastewater District (CAWD) for sewer treatment since 1968. PBCSD has access rights to one-third of the CAWD’s treatment plant’s capacity by contributing to one-third of plant capital items costs. PBCSD also shares the treatment plant operations and maintenance (O&M) costs based on the prorated wastewater flows of the two Districts and pays an additional 7.5% of the treatment plant O&M costs as administration fees. The annual O&M payments amount to about 40% of the plant total O&M costs.
CAWD Newsletters

PBCSD levies a sewer service fee on property owners which are collected on the property tax bills.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe burstingThe District’s sewer line replacement project uses a non-invasive “pipe bursting” technique that does not require tearing up roadway