Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services

Fire Truck 22
PBCSD Fire Truck 22

The District contracts with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) to provide fire protection and emergency medical services (EMS). Under the contract, CAL FIRE provides personnel and the District provides facilities, vehicles, equipment, and supplies for the services.

There are two fire stations serving the District. The main Pebble Beach Fire Station, located at Forest Lake and Lopez Roads, is fully owned by the District. In addition, the District owns a 25% equity interest in the Carmel Hill Fire Station located near the Highway One Gate in Pebble Beach. The other owners of the station are the neighboring Cypress Fire Protection District (Cypress FPD) with a 25% interest, and CAL FIRE with a 50% interest. A fire engine and a ladder truck provide services from the main Pebble Beach Fire Station. A cost-shared fire engine located at the Carmel Hill Fire Station provides services for the District and the Cypress FPD. Fire engines at each station are staffed with a firefighter/paramedic providing advanced life support medical services.

Fire Jet Ski
CAL FIRE water rescue training

The ambulance service within the District is provided pursuant to a county-wide contract between the County of Monterey and the ambulance company.
The District also has a water rescue program, including a water rescue craft and firefighters trained as rescue swimmers responding to ocean water emergencies.

Fire Prevention

The District fire department is committed to providing a Fire Safe community through prevention and education. Fire Protection and Planning services includes the prevention of fires through fire fuel reduction, code enforcement, public education and investigation of fire causes.

Goats for fire fuel reduction

Fire Department Insurance Services Office (ISO) Class 1 Rating

In 2018, the District received a Class 1 rating from ISO following a comprehensive review. The review evaluated water supply and delivery systems, emergency communications, fire alarm response times, the number and types of fire apparatus, fire station distribution, number of personnel and its training, equipment maintenance records, and the number and distribution of fire hydrants, as well as its maintenance and flow test records. The ISO sets fire department standards that provide benchmarks for operational effectiveness and provides a Public Protection Classification rating for more than 45,000 fire districts nationwide. Less than 1% of the fire departments nationwide are rated as Class 1. The ratings range from the highest rating of 1 through 10.

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