Recycled Water Storage & Distribution

The CAWD/PBCSD Reclamation Project (Project) is a cooperative effort of three public agencies including this District, the Carmel Area Wastewater District (CAWD) and Monterey Peninsula Water Management District (MPWMD), and one private company, the Pebble Beach Company (PBC). The first phase of the project included construction of tertiary facilities to produce recycled water from the secondary effluent emitted from CAWD's wastewater treatment plant, and, a distribution system to deliver recycled water for irrigation of seven golf courses, athletic fields and other recreational areas within Pebble Beach.

The first phase of the project was financed by Certificates of Participation which were executed and delivered at the direction of the MPWMD in December, 1992 in the amount of $33,900,000. The PBC guaranteed payment of debt service as well as any operating deficiencies. Construction of the Project began in January, 1993 and was completed in October, 1994. Pursuant to the agreements between participating agencies, the District owns the distribution system assets, including approximately seven miles of reclaimed water distribution system pipelines, a 2.5 million gallon storage tank, a potable water pump station, and a reclaimed water booster pump station. Since the completion of the first phase, an average of 650 acre feet of recycled water per year has been used for irrigation, replacing the use of potable water.

In addition to the assets listed above, in December 1998, the District purchased the Forest Lake Reservoir from California-American Water Company (Cal-Am). The reservoir has been rehabilitated including new improvements to meet the State Water Resources Department Division of Safety of Dams requirements. It is filled with recycled water during winter months when there is excess production at the treatment plant and the stored recycled water is used during summer months when the irrigation demands exceed the production. The construction of the reservoir started in late March 2005 and completed in March 2006. In fiscal year 2008-09, the outlet structure of the reservoir was modified to increase the storage capacity from 103 million gallons to 115 million gallon. The construction costs were financed by the sale proceeds of a portion of PBC's water entitlements obtained in return for financially guaranteeing the first phase of the project. The water entitlements are offered to the residential users within Pebble Beach.


Management Committee

  • David Heuck
    Executive Vice President/ CFO, PBC
  • Charlotte Townsend
    Director, CAWD
  • Robert Siegfried
    Director, CAWD
  • Peter B. McKee
    Director, PBCSD
  • Richard D. Verbanec
    Director, PBCSD
  • Mike Bowhay

Reclamation Management Committee provides oversight and strategic planning for the Project. The Committee is comprised of two members each from the boards of directors of PBCSD and the CAWD and one representative of the Pebble Beach Company.

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