Supplemental Law Enforcement

The District has been contracting California Highway Patrol (CHP) to augment vehicle code enforcement in Pebble Beach since October 2006. The service has been established in response to significant concerns expressed in the December 2005 Community Survey on Traffic and Safety Issues in Del Monte Forest and continuing feedback to the Del Monte Forest Property Owners Traffic/Safety Committee. Over fifty percent of the Community Survey respondents had identified speed and reckless driving as a major neighborhood problem.

Upon analysis of the survey responses, the Del Monte Forest Property Owners (DMFPO) requested the District to augment existing CHP and Monterey County Sheriff law enforcement efforts. District Board approved providing supplemental services and financing them from the District's available current revenue at no additional cost to the residents. As required by State Law, the District obtained approval from Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) of Monterey County to provide this service. The District Board allocated $170,000 for supplemental CHP services in the current fiscal year to assist in addressing speeding problems and pedestrian safety issues.

The District also has three radar speed display units that are rotated between twelve sites to provide vehicle speed feedback to drivers and to collect speed data for analysis. In selection of the sites, the District used the "top 10" traffic hot spots identified by the community survey respondents and input from maintenance staff, residents, and Pebble Beach Company.


Speed Limit

Residents, contractors, employees, students, and visitors should pay close attention to posted 25 mph speed zones in residential and school areas.